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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Because the Eye on Sports only opens....

...when Maria wins.

Sharapova drops Henin-Hardenne to win U.S. Open title

Two Grand Slams, and still as hot as ever.

Anna who?

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

If You Can't Beat Them, Import Them!

As I clear the cobwebs and dust from months of disuse off this blog, I'm a little pissed off.

You see, I watched the Commonwealth Games badminton mixed doubles bronze medal playoff yesterday and I was very annoyed.

Why? Because Malaysia lost. But that's not why I was pissed off. No, I was pissed off mostly because they lost to to a pair from China/Indonesia, passing off as Singaporeans.

Yes people, if you can't beat them, import them!

After all, it's just a medal right? Who cares who's playing for us, as long as we get the medal right?

I don't know, I have a real problem with countries importing players and passing them off as their own. It's the same with footballers in Europe jumping around and playing for another country just because they couldn't possibly get a sniff at the national team of France, England yada yada yada.

If it were a foreign import playing for money in a professional league for a professional club, I don't have a problem, because they're getting PAID for it. But when it comes to national duty, playing or competing for your country is probably one of the proudest moments one can have as an athlete.

But when that player playing for our country really isn't FROM our country in the first place... that's where it all gets a little hazy. Do we support him or her the same way we support our own homegrown 'talent' (who couldn't get a chance to make the team because he/she was not as good as the import)? Would the imported player have the same pride and passion playing for his/her adopted country?

Don't mind me, I just hate the idea of getting a player from another country to play for your country just for the sake of winning. It just doen'st feel right, even when they win. When Singapore came close to an Olympic table tennis gold in the last Games, they were trumpeting that 'feat' all over the place. But can you really feel pride at 'winning' when the playing winning it for you isn't even FROM your country in the first place?

Geez. At least Malaysian shuttlers are actually Malaysian.

At least when we lose, we know we suck, not because we didn't import the right players.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Eyes Wide Shut on Sports

I've decided to let this blog go on hiatus for a while, mostly because since Hantu Bola started up, it's been a lot more fun updating THAT blog than here.

Besides, most of my posts here were about football anyway, so I decided to screw it all, and just let this blog go to sleep for a while. Besides, I don't really have THAT much to write about sports anyway, besides the occasional Maria Sharapova and Michelle Wie tribute post.

So, this Eye on Sports is gonna get some shut-eye for a while, maybe waking up occasionally when I have something to talk about regarding sports (that DOESN'T involve football, of course).

Until then, DO catch me on Hantu Bola if you want some bitching about football. :D

And as a final gift, here is a final gratuitious shot of Sharapova. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Champion's League: Liverpool go through!

YAY! Last night I was tellign someone that Liverpool had better win or draw their match with Real Betis, because I really didn't fancy going to Chelsea needing somethign from that game to go through. That last group match against Olympiakos last season was already nerve-wracking enough...

Well. They didn't win. But they drew. 0-0. And Liverpool are through! Yay!

Oh. And Chelsea won. Damn.

So, alld the English sides are now through, and we can loo.... what? what's that you say? Manchester Unitd need to go to Portugal and WIN or they're OUT OF THE CHAMPION'S LEAGUE?

Now THAT'S something to look forward to, eh? :)

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Football: Thank You Spanish Liverpool!

"Thank You Spanish Liverpool!"

Luis Garcia scored three. Morientes scored one. Xabi Alonso came on as a sub. Spain won 5-1.

And I thought Liverpool was an English team.

Oh wait. They ARE an English team. England won 3-2 against Argentina - Gerrard had an assist. Crouch lost out to a shortstop for a HEADER.

If only Carragher had played, and if only Crouch had scored, then it would have been all good. DAMMIT.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Football: Big Mike and Little Peter

(picture from Soccernet.com)

This is such a great picture that I just HAD to put it up here:

It accompanies this story from Soccernet: Owen warns boo-boys off goalshy Crouch

Well, it's easy for OWEN to say, eh? He's been banging in the goals for Newcastle, but Crouch has zilch.

But I AM hoping Crouch would get a goal. It would do his barely-existent confidence a whole lot of good.

Not that I'll be watching the England match though. I don't support England, REMEMBER?

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

WANTED: Reasonably good badminton players for regular court


I'm looking for people who...

  • Play badminton well,
  • Would like to play more regularly, weekly,
  • Are free on Wednesday nights, 8pm -10pm,
  • Don't mind paying RM35 a month for shuttles and reasonably good games,
  • And can come to PJ for the game...

to join my weekly regular badminton group every Wednesday, 8pm at PJ Astaka area.

I'm looking for around 2-3 more players. We currently have 4 -5 reasonably good players (meaning, can have good game wan lar), and are looking for a few more to make it an ideal number.

So, anyone interested? email me at eyeriz@gmail.com if you are.


PS... Offers to play BEDminton will also be considered. Profived you're a hot chick, of course. :P

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